Aug 18th 2003

SAP2Java Plugin for Eclipse

This plugin was developed to provide a quick way to generate Java Objects from RFC enabled 
function modules in SAP R3.
All the generated classes implement the Serializable interface.

You should have SAP JCO installed on your machine .

Installation instructions
Just unzip the sap2java.1.0.5.jar in the <eclipse_home>\plugins\directory.  The plugins directory will now have com.sap.plugin.Sid1.X.X directory in it.  Copy your jco.jar/sapjco.jar file into this directory
The .jar file includes the SAP2Java 1.0 distribution.

How to use it
The plugin is a Create New Wizard plugin. You can invoke it by selecting File | New |
Other | SAP2Java Wizard|SAP2Java.

Enter the following values -

Container - Name of the project where you want to generate the java classes
R/3 Host Name: - Name of the SAP R3 system
Client: R/3 Client name
System no: R/3 system number
Language: Language
Username: Login Id of R/3 user
Password: Password 
BAPI Name: Function module for which you want to generate java classes.
Package Name: Name of the package where you want to put all the generated java classes.

Container: /SAP2Java 
R/3 Host Name:
Client: 110
System no: 00
Language: EN
Username: testuser
Password: init 
Package Name: com.sap.generated

After running the wizard, java classes generated by SAP2Java will be added to the project. 
Just recompile the entire application to get the .class files.

Additional Information:
The Import Parameters are generated as Input+nameOfTheFunctionModule.java
The Export Parameters are generated as Output+nameOfTheFunctionModule.java
Tables/Structures are generated by the same name.
Sample code for an outbound/inbound calls included ( CustomListener.java ). 

Questions/suggestions ?
Siddhartha Bhattacharya sid_bhat@hotmail.com